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Asian Wife

Lorenzen usually gone back to Memphis from Atlanta to invest time together with young ones

Phil Dotson: That Sunday night we had opted to choose up their son -- Lorenzen Jr. -- through the gymnasium. He would have been playin' basketball that evening.

Dotson claims Sherra insisted Wright bring their son house to her home that night.

Phil Dotson: And, we wound up droppin' him off that at about 10:00 p.m. night . So when he was dropped by me down, he stated, "Let me personally get in here and cope with this. And I also'll supply a call later on."

But Lorenzen never called their buddy that evening. Alternatively, he required assistance.


Two times after dropping down Lorenzen at his ex-wife's house, his buddy, Phil Dotson got a unanticipated call. It absolutely was Lorenzen's mom – looking on her behalf son.

Phil Dotson: "Have you talked to Lorenzen? I cannot achieve him." And I also stated, "Well, I figured he may you need to be town that is outta he is perhaps not answerin' the phone call." So-- I reached away to him aswell, and did not hear such a thing straight right back.

After perhaps perhaps not hearing from her son for longer than 48 hours, Deborah Marion filed a missing persons report with the authorities.

April Thompson, an investigative reporter at WREG, the CBS affiliate in Memphis, had been with this tale from the beginning.

Thompson: His mother Deborah, really kind of pushed that something's not right, and made people realize that he wouldn't have been gone this long that no one heard from him april.

DEBORAH MARION WREG INFORMATION REPORT: … nowhere he might be he is … We checked all his friends from here to Atlanta, Mississippi, everywhere that I don't know where. Therefore I don't possess an idea.

April Thompson: it had been actually sorts of strange in just just how it simply happened which he had disappeared, in which he had been reviewed each one of these times, and no one knew any such thing.