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be2 adult dating

3 - They look for Women Who Won't Challenge Their Egos an Ounce

The issue using this is that the ego (or any part of an individual) cannot grow and turn more powerful without getting challenged. In the event that really notion of a solid or self-assured girl intimidates both you and threatens your feeling of self, then you definitely have actually in not too numerous words revealed your weakness. That you may want to mend if you feel inadequate for such a woman--not merely uninterested, but inadequate--there are clearly cracks in your ego.

Immature males hide their weaknesses like a stereotype them out, and they seek women that reassure them, not women who challenge them because they have yet to learn how to phase. Strong males (strong individuals, actually) look for weakness it out, even if exposing those weaknesses and admitting to them may cause a temporary discomfort--they seek what they truly *want and need* and don't let anything get in the way of it, including their own fear of appearing weak in themselves in an effort to snuff.