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Girl believes she’s bisexual, mother wishes advice. Amy receives compliments that are regular exactly exactly how stunning she actually is...

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Dear Straight Talk:My 15 12 months old daughter, “Amy,” has never really had a boyfriend nor kissed a kid. Recently she told me she believes this woman is bisexual. She states she actually is confused because she likes men but none like her and she likes her friend who's a woman.

Amy gets regular compliments on just just just how gorgeous she actually is, but as a result of self confidence dilemmas, she considers by by herself ugly and obese, which this woman is maybe maybe not. My suspicion is Amy has told other people she is bi and today has this label. Could that be why she’s never ever had a boyfriend? Additionally, how do she say she’s bi if she’s never ever been by having a kid? I’m trying to be understanding. Just just How can I best react to this?

Amy’s mother, Tucson, Ariz.

Mariah, 16, Collinsville, Okla.:My friend’s older sis ended up being lesbian in twelfth grade, then went bi, and from now on is hitched to a guy and contains two young ones. A lot of teenagers label themselves bi, lesbian, or homosexual. For many it is genuine; for many it’s a stage. And yes, calling by by by herself bi could explain why guys aren’t interested.

Farren, 21, Redding, Calif.:Maybe she’s bi, possibly this woman isn’t. Some bisexuals, lesbians and gays understand their intimate orientation at a early age and don’t need someone to appreciate it. Like love, intimate orientation has its own definitions and differs for all.

It’s feasible your daughter’s self confidence plays part. You merely need to be communicative and supportive, provide her room to cultivate, pick her up if she falls down.