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Ask MetaFilter. I am going up to a brand new household, and Comcast cable are set up into the family area, where there clearly was currently a socket.

I am going up to a brand new home, and Comcast cable will likely to be set up when you look at the family room, where there clearly was currently an socket. We plus some other roomates want cable within our spaces too, but per the landlord we have simply been told we have been not allow to physically harm the walls/ceilings. put simply, we can not have outlets that are new place in virtually any spaces. The landlord vetoes physical installation of any alternative, i.e. a satellite dish in addition, because the house is already wired for cable.

The essential ancient solution would of program be to perform a lot- and I also suggest a lot- of cable through the base house line towards the rooms, but which means cable over the walls, up the staircases, inside and out of spaces, etc. I am wondering if there is a alternate treatment for that, like an invisible system or something which delivers the sign through AC outlets (like those ideas that enable you to include an additional phone jack via your energy outlet).

To resolve some detail that is potential: this might be standard coaxial cable from Comcast. The family area line is always to a package and a cable modem however the split lines towards the available spaces just need to carry the analog cable sign. No, we'm perhaps perhaps not breaking any rules; Comcast verifies you are able to split the analog line to rooms that are multiple. No, we'm perhaps maybe maybe not asking simple tips to steal cable; we have been investing in solution.

Is this desire extra outlets feasible, or will be the just two choices cable operating every-where or begging the landlord to allow us drill? In a nutshell, how do I get cable in numerous spaces and floors without actually damaging any part of my brand brand new household?

You cannot actually get it done wirelessly.