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Dreaming of a marriage in England, Scotland or Wales - Mind the guidelines

Longing for a dream wedding in England, Scotland or Wales? In 2019, the rush to Brexit and also the immigration that is great has managed to make it a harder and much more long procedure than ever before. Here is what you should know.

If the concept of a fantasy wedding involves a intimate ceremony in an English castle, posing for the wedding pictures against some ruined battlements in Scotland or Wales, or processing down a country lane up to a picturesque English town church you will have to prepare well ahead - particularly if you are visiting from offshore.

The Home Office, that an element of the government that is UK relates to all immigration issues, has toughened within the guidelines and extended the waiting durations in order to split straight straight down on sham marriages.

Don't be concerned though, you can get married in England, Scotland or Wales if you are legally free to marry, at least 16 years old (with parental permission if under 18 in England and Wales) and in a genuine relationship. You merely might have to wait a small longer and, if an individual or you both are non-UK residents you need to look closely at some unique regulations.

Wedding Rules Associated With EU Reputation

At the time of February 2019, the guidelines that connect with EU citizens residing in the British and British residents staying in the EU come in a situation of flux. EU residents have now been obliged to make use of for "settled" status. It's complicated and it's also not at all times provided. When Brexit occurs, now scheduled for the finish October 2019 (but that knows), wedding guidelines may alter also.