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Chemistry reviews

Thanks17. We have lost fortune too. Just How did you recover. My situation is rather brand brand new. Needing to register bankruptcy also. Its therefore damaging

Bunny, yes i am gullible very educated girl. We offered a complete great deal to those crooks. A lot more than that which you've lost. Whenever all my cost savings were drained we visited loans from banks. Huge loans in my own hands now. Nothing arrived because exactly just what promised. Exactly what a trick i will be. I desired to shout over hills. God bless us

Thanks17. We have lost a large amount of money too. Exactly exactly How do you recover. My situation is rather new. Being forced to register bankruptcy too. It really is therefore damaging

I am aware the method that you feel additionally I’ve been scammed away from a large amount of money lost my car and going to lose the house and don’t think I will recover I’m so devistated I cry every day think it is all over

You're not alone. We took funds from my mother thinkinking my guy is paying me back once again. I've invested $56,000 in itune card. He stated he could develop into money for just what he required, to repair their issues b.