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So what does it mean if your FWB never ever desires to make use of condom?

He is a really nice guy and a buddy of mine, but we just came across recently in which he does indeedn't understand my intimate history after all. I understand he'sn't been having a large amount of girls, though I'm not sure the precise quantity. For the record I don't have STI's and I have not slept with this people that are many. He's never ever expected if i am regarding the tablet or such a thing, in which he never ever cums inside me personally, but you may still find risks, demonstrably. I am perhaps maybe not resting unless we start using condoms with him anymore.

What exactly performs this mean? Is he a **** whom simply does not care?

Severe responses just!

13 Answers

No, it does not suggest he is a foolish a** or such a thing that way.

As if you stated, he might n't have a really big intimate history.

Guys are not as complex as ladies. They anticipate you become apparent about every thing, including whether you are on birth prevention, have actually STIs, or wish him to wear a condom.

Have actually you told him you want him to put on one?

It does not suggest he does not worry about your quality of life or does not respect you. The fact that never comes him, IS respecting you inside you, to.

Dudes do not wear a condom as soon as, they never would you like to once more. It seems THAT much better.

Speak with him outright, make sure he understands you are made by it feel uncomfortable, why he's never asked you if you should be on BC, etc.