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I experienced intercourse with a guy - could I nevertheless be a lesbian?

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I've been interested in girls but my moms and dads are homophobic, therefore I started heading out with dudes and label myself directly. We still felt a plain thing for women but hated it and attempted to ignore it. Once I finally had intercourse with a person, i did not enjoy it but believed that was normal. I quickly developed emotions for my feminine friend that is best, and so I arrived as bisexual.

I continued dating guys but my longest relationship had been a week because We felt so uncomfortable having a boyfriend. I usually saw myself with girls, perhaps perhaps not dudes. Simply over an ago, i stopped labelling myself as bi and finally came out as a lesbian year. But many individuals are telling me personally because I had sex with a guy before that I can't call myself lesbian. Have always been I a lesbian?


Are you currently a lesbian? Yes. You determine who you really are.