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Global Marriage Conference 2018 - Each year IMC takes location for a twofold purpos??


Join us because of this amazing 2 time meeting in Colton, CA. hosted by National Association of Marriage Enhancement NAME. Our speakers should include Dr Michael Smalley, Bob and Audrey Meisner, James and Teri Craft, Drs David and Jan Stoop, Dr John Martin and many other. Conference hosts is supposed to be Executive Directors of NAME, Pastors Arnold and Gwen Tackett. Keep tuned in as additional information should come soon.

Each year IMC takes spot for a purpose that is twofold. First, IMC is intended to be always a right time of learning, development, strengthening and reconciliation for individual marriages. Whether couples are struggling and require renovation, or these are typically currently healthy but desire to be refreshed inside their wedding, IMC is intended for them. 2nd, IMC provides the opportunity for wedding ministry and church leaders in the future together when it comes to purposes of networking and gaining insight on how exactly to build and strengthen their very own ministries for them to achieve more individuals with all the Gospel.