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Anorexia trend among Korean girls raises issues

Driving a car of fat gain as well as the wish to be slim is actually a genuine wellness concern among Korean adolescents since they are turning toward anorexia -- an eating disorder seen as an meals limitation -- to help keep slim.

Teenagers, mostly girls, are marketing the "pro-ana" movement through various web sites and social networking reports and sharing detailed information about how exactly to dispose of lunch at school without increasing alarms and exactly how never to get caught by moms and dads.

Pro-ana means the advertising of actions linked to eating disorder anorexia.

Many teens active in the movement are known never to consume precisely and starve on their own until their weight falls to 30-40 kg. Some teens also proceed through extreme measures such as for instance using vast quantities of constipation pills to reduce fat drastically.

When they do consume a suitable meal, they feel accountable and display bulimia symptoms and force themselves to vomit to help keep their form.

One of the teens playing the pro-ana motion, numerous state they have become enthusiastic about having a thin human body due to trauma connected with their shape and the body.

"When I happened to be in center college, I heard a team of guys asking me personally whether I'd any conscience for putting on a dress with my fat leg," a school that is high had written on the web. "I became 165 cm high and weighed 90 kg."

Surprised by such harsh words, the pupil stated she destroyed 20 kg but still consumes one dinner every three times in which to stay form.

"I'm afraid to be criticized for my physical figure once more," she stated. "Even my moms and dads, whom say they love me personally no real matter what, do not wish me personally to get back to my figure this is certainly past.