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Research RBC: why Russian small construction that is bridges&The of Kerch connection

March 19, the Turkish cargo ship “Lyra” knocked away a column regarding the connection under construction between mainland Russia together with Crimean Peninsula. The before construction was checked by President Vladimir Putin day. “Arkady, come here, don’t hide. The head of state called to frame a group photo on the background of the Straits of his old friend businessman Arkady Rotenberg if anything, asking will be with you” — with these words. Their business “stroygazmontazh” (SGM), before any reference to the construction of bridges didn't have, without competition has received a agreement to create essential for the country crossing.

That is to be blamed for the accident, the research will show. But an eyewitness towards the collision, the captain of this Kerch ferry “Victory” Oleg Semenyuk claims that the bridge supports into the time of the accident weren't highlighted.