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Latin Women Dating

Finding a spouse in Asia - Becoming Minnesotan

Important Concern

Life into the Old Country: why is a homeland that is person’s?

Traditions & Values: exactly What makes up “culture”?

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Back Ground Information

In Asia it really is conventional for a young person to marry a partner selected for them by their moms and dads. This is certainly called an arranged wedding, and it is nevertheless commonly practiced today. Indian moms and dads find and introduce suitable prospects with their child, whom is able to then accept or reject each bride that is potential groom. Unlike “love marriages”, the sort of wedding typical under western culture, the wedding couple in a arranged wedding frequently don't know one another well and are usually hitched right after they meet.

To learn more about Asian Indian history and tradition, go to our Asian Indian Community web web web page.

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Narrator: Ram Gada (RG)

Interviewer: Polly Sonifer (PS)

PS: therefore, we have you through university and you returned to India to consult with and getting hitched.