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Luvfree pricing

For instance, an star claims to be a U.S. Resident residing abroad.

The actor asks the victim to send gifts or electronics to a foreign address after a few months of building a relationship with the victim. The actor expresses a desire to return to the U.S. To meet the victim after a few more months. The star claims not to have the income to cover travel and asks the victim to wire funds. In many cases, the star claims the wired funds didn't show up and asks the target to resend the amount of money.

Some actors give a fake travel itinerary. They claim they were arrested, and ask for more money to post bail when they don’t arrive as scheduled. They may additionally request more income for travel or to recover assets seized in their “arrest. ” Demands for the money may continue before the victim is unable—or unwilling—to offer more.


The victim may be unknowingly recruited as a “money mule”: someone who transfers money illegally on behalf of others in some situations. Actors groom their victims with time and persuade them to open up bank reports beneath the guise of giving or getting funds. Grooming means planning a target to conduct fraudulent task on their behalf through communications designed to produce a trust relationship.