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Mail Order Russian Brides

An Act Offering Stronger Measures Against Illegal Methods, Organizations

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of this Philippines in Congress assembled:

Part 1. Quick Title.— This Act will be referred to as “Anti-Mail Order Spouse Act”.

Area 2. Declaration of Policy.— It is hereby announced the insurance policy associated with State to safeguard and guarantee the average person liberties associated with Filipino individuals. Towards this end, hawaii shall avoid the exploitation of Filipinos, and protect them from illegal methods, organizations, and schemes that offer Filipinos for wedding to unscrupulous international nationals and expose them to abuse, exploitation, prostitution, and violent circumstances.

Section 3. Prohibited Acts.— It will be illegal for just about any individual, whether normal or juridical, to commit, straight or indirectly, some of the following functions:

(a) take part in any company or scheme for cash, revenue, product, financial or any other consideration that has because of its purpose the matching or offering of the Filipino up to an international national for wedding or typical legislation partnership on a mail-order foundation or through individual introduction, e-mail, or internet sites on the net;

(b) display, market, publish, printing, or circulate, or result in the event, advertisement, publication, printing, or distribution of brochures, leaflets, or propaganda materials that are determined to advertise the prohibited functions within the paragraph that is preceding or to create, market, or upload such materials through sites on the net;

(c) Solicit, enlist, or in every way, attract or cause any Filipino to be an associate in just about any club or relationship whose goal would be to match Filipino nationals to foreign nationals for the intended purpose of wedding or typical legislation partnership for a charge; and

(d) to utilize the postal solution or any site on the web to market the prohibited functions under this part.