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online lesbian dating

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: Portrait of a marriage that is complex

Mexican performers Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera painted one another for 25 years: those works provide us with an understanding of their relationship, argues Kelly Grovier.

  • By Kelly Grovier
4 December 2017

Spotted side-by-side in photographs, they struck a pose that is almost comic their girth dwarfing her petite framework. If they married, her moms and dads called them ‘the elephant’ and ‘the dove’. He had been the older, celebrated master of frescoes whom helped renew an ancient Mayan mural tradition, and offered a vivid artistic vocals to native Mexican labourers seeking social equality after centuries of colonial oppression. She ended up being younger, self-mythologising dreamer, who magically wove from piercing introspection and chronic physical discomfort paintings of a serious and beauty that is mysterious.