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The project, which the government adopted last Thursday, envisages the possibility of depriving the military ranks of soldiers at rest, who were members of the m. In. WRONa, KBW, were on duty in the organs of state security listed in the Lustration Act. On Monday evening, the National Defense Commission recommended the Parliament to adopt it without any substantive amendments. New regulations - as the explanatory memorandum - will help to "redress the Polish society" and will be "symbolic settlement era Polish People's Republic, which was symptomatic of the political and military career Wojciech Jaruzelski, Military Information collaborator during the Stalinist period." "The members of the Military Council of National Salvation (WRONa) lose the right degree of military power" - we read in the project. The list of people who lost their military rank, the president has to announce by way of a notice in the "Polish Monitor".

According to the draft, military rank will also be devoid of people, "performing the functions that business or taking command positions headed the efforts to combat the underground Polish independence in the years 1943-1956, or by participating in this period in the fight against Polish independence underground, have made drastic acts." It is also about people who seemed to command the use of firearms against civilians, including those being "a judge or prosecutor in the bodies of Military Justice Service or subordinate units, or the accused seemed judgment