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Pretty Asian Woman

The condom that is male probably the most widely used technique to start with intercourse and also at newest intercourse among both adolescent gents and ladies in 2006–2010. 14


  • Among females aged 15–19 who have been prone to unintended maternity in 2006–2010, 82% were utilizing a contraceptive method, and 59% were utilizing a method that is highly effective. 14
  • Among sexually experienced 15–19-year-olds throughout that duration, 78% of females and 85% of males reported having utilized a contraceptive the very first time that they had intercourse; 86% and 93%, correspondingly, stated they did so that the final time that they had intercourse. 14
  • In 2006–2010, the chances of having a baby before asian mail order bride age 20 had been two times as high for adolescent women that hadn't utilized a contraceptive technique at first intercourse in terms of people who had. 14
  • Among the list of 2.5 million intimately active females aged 15–19 whom reported current (for example., within the past 90 days) utilization of contraceptives in 2011–2013, 55% relied from the condom; 35% in the product; 20% on withdrawal; 8% regarding the injectable, patch or band; and 3% regarding the IUD. 15,16
  • In 2006–2010, 20percent of intimately active females aged 15–19 and 34% of intimately active men exactly the same age reported having used both the condom and a hormone technique the final time that they had intercourse. 14


  • Whenever utilized precisely, contemporary contraceptives are amazing at preventing maternity.