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Wives From Latin

There is a large number of great moments that happen through the day, but a marriage the most essential activities in a man or woman's life!

Every country has its traditions and traditions. Armenian weddings have been unique, but it is tough to hold on to traditions with time. Modifications are inescapable. Why don't we check out the past reputation for Armenian weddings!

Image credits: Garik Paytyan

Engagement and wedding preparations

Our traditions are conservative with regards to family members tradition and values. In ancient times, Armenians thought that autumn and cold temperatures had been probably the most suitable months for the wedding such as springtime and summer time, everyone was primarily involved in agricultural work. It ought to be noted that teenagers did not have the ability to select their mate by themselves. This choice ended up being frequently produced by their moms and dads, whom attempted to marry kids as quickly as possible.

The bride had been frequently opted for from their neighborhood area or perhaps the neighboring town. First, the boy's moms and dads visited the future bride and got their moms and dads permission so their son can marry her. After that, the moms and dads of both relative edges got formally familiarized. Then, the connection entered a various stage. The few got involved.

On that time, the groom purchased a band for the bride, and she accepted it as an indication of commitment. This ceremony represented a formal contract to marriage that is future. Usually, the engagement celebration had been hosted by the bride's part. The wedding date was assigned, and the preparations began after the engagement. In addition, perhaps one of the most crucial choices ended up being the selection of godparents that has a role that is unique weddings.