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Most people are or have been familiarized utilizing the UFO that is typical encounte.

Forth Worth, Texas- July 9th an examination because of the army revealed yesterday evening that mysterious objects found on a lonely New Mexico ranch was a harmless high- altitude weather balloon ?“ not a grounded flying disk. Excitement was high until Brig. Gen. Roger M. Ramey, commander regarding the Eighth air forces with headquarters here cleared within the mystery… (Gen. Ramey, Headline)

Interestingly, the before all this happened, the Associated Press released a news report titled, "FLYING SAUCERS SEEN IN MOST STATES NOW" (Berlitz-Moore, 27) day. At that moment, the 509th was the actual only real airplane squadron that has been designed with atomic bombs (Joe, internet). The fact a Major regarding the 509th Bomb group"s intelligence office could mistake a weather balloon for a saucer that is flying the second official explanation suspect to be highly untrue. Why was the General the only one who saw it as a weather balloon rather than the reporting officers? The UFO phenomenon consisted of people only seeing Unidentified Flying Objects up to this point in history. Following the Roswell event, this all started to change.

The thing usually flies away at amazing speeds and the observers note it as a incident that is strange continue along on with what these people were doing.