Demo | payforaresearchpaper com – And then you can do whatever you want” .Autor emphasizes that the answer Legutko – and Polish as a sovereign entity – is unambiguous: “I do not organize my freedom.
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payforaresearchpaper com – And then you can do whatever you want” .Autor emphasizes that the answer Legutko – and Polish as a sovereign entity – is unambiguous: “I do not organize my freedom.

payforaresearchpaper com – And then you can do whatever you want” .Autor emphasizes that the answer Legutko – and Polish as a sovereign entity – is unambiguous: “I do not organize my freedom.

The project, which the government adopted last Thursday, envisages the possibility of depriving the military ranks of soldiers at rest, who were members of the m. In. WRONa, KBW, were on duty in the organs of state security listed in the Lustration Act. On Monday evening, the National Defense Commission recommended the Parliament to adopt it without any substantive amendments. New regulations – as the explanatory memorandum – will help to “redress the Polish society” and will be “symbolic settlement era Polish People’s Republic, which was symptomatic of the political and military career Wojciech Jaruzelski, Military Information collaborator during the Stalinist period.” “The members of the Military Council of National Salvation (WRONa) lose the right degree of military power” – we read in the project. The list of people who lost their military rank, the president has to announce by way of a notice in the “Polish Monitor”.

According to the draft, military rank will also be devoid of people, “performing the functions that business or taking command positions headed the efforts to combat the underground Polish independence in the years 1943-1956, or by participating in this period in the fight against Polish independence underground, have made drastic acts.” It is also about people who seemed to command the use of firearms against civilians, including those being “a judge or prosecutor in the bodies of Military Justice Service or subordinate units, or the accused seemed judgments in the years 1943-1956 against soldiers and civilians because activities for Polish independence and sovereignty. ” The document indicated that the loss or deprivation of military rank may also be made posthumously. Military rank will not be deprived people who “without the knowledge of his superiors” in the course of their duties actively support “to promote the independence of the Polish State.” According to the draft, the proceedings against a person may initiate ex officio minister of national defense or at the request of the Prime Minister, the General Director of State Archives and the Head Office. Veterans and Victims of Oppression. The Minister of Defense may also carry them when he turns to his social organization, for example. Veterans.

Defense Minister asks then to the Institute of National Remembrance and subordinated units for the research of archival and historical studies to prepare information in each specific, individual case. The institution has six months from the date of receipt of the request for the preparation of such information, which later is the basis of the order. Provided that the persons against whom proceedings are brought, shall have the right to present evidence in his case. In the case of proceedings against persons deceased, such evidence may present the family or associations of veterans, veterans or soldiers. The deprivation of military rank determines Defense Minister, but in the case of Polish Marshal, generals and admirals, seems to be defense minister with the consent of the President. Since such provision is entitled to appeal to the administrative court and if the court will consider them, this provision should be repealed in its entirety.

The project assumes that the proceedings against a person who has been terminated by a final decision can be resumed within five years, among others, where the evidence in the case proved to be false, it revealed the circumstances that were not previously known. The new regulations would come into force 14 days after their announcement. Mateusz Morawiecki prime minister said on Thursday that the government adopting the draft, definitely wants to restore the proper status of the people who fought for freedom, and in particular to restore the memory. “This is siding with the victims, and against evil” – said the head of government. “The dream of our generation was to restore justice to this at the beginning of the transition period, but this was not possible, now it becomes possible” – he added. (PAP) by Maciej Zubel, Jakub Borowski Every 18th day of the month – in miesięcznicę funeral of the presidential couple – Jaroslaw Kaczynski visited the grave of his brother and brother’s wife. On Saturday, he was accompanied by, among others, Speaker of the Sejm Marek Kuchciński, Speaker of the Senate Stanislaw Karczewski, Infrastructure Minister Andrzej Adamczyk, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Ryszard Terlecki. At Wawel gathered a few dozen people. They brought with them a banner “Stop upartyjnieniu Wawel”. When PiS politicians rode up the hill, he passed over Krakow just a storm with hail.

Still, protesters whistled and allegedly shouted: “Shame”, “Wawel kings, not presidents,” “You’ll be sitting.” “Each of us protesting against various things, which makes the present authorities. This protest is to oppose upartyjnianiu Wawel Hill, against the organization of the event party at the site, which is important for every Pole and every Pole” – said Tomasz Puła, one of the organizers demonstration. Shortly after entering the Wawel PiS politicians gathered departed. (PAP) As told PAP spokeswoman for the National Prosecutor’s Office prosecutor. Ewa Bialik men accused of promoting Nazi regime by “organizing and conducting 128 birth anniversary of leader of the German Reich during which praise, affirmed these governments, presented and used emblems, recordings and texts, and other gestures referring to the symbolism Nazi. ” She added that one of the detainees were found during searches of weapons and amunicję.zobacz also: What: It is possible that I will request to ban the association “Pride and Modernity” »spokeswoman investigating Prosecutor’s Office in Gliwice Joanna Smorczewska PAP said on Tuesday that it detained participants identified three “birthday”. Among them is Matthew S. Chairman of the association “Pride and Modernity”. “The prosecution did not disclose the content of the explanations made by the detainees,” – said the prosecutor.

Smorczewska. She added that during the searches conducted in the apartments of suspicious objects revealed in the form of, among others, uniforms and other things that “contain content promoting Nazi state system.” Led by the Gliwice prosecutor’s office proceedings concerning public promotion of fascism, was the superior under the supervision of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office. “Superwizjer” TVN24 on Saturday revealed the results of his journalistic investigation into the activities of some Polish national environments, including association “Pride and Modernity”. On the hidden camera recordings are shown, among others, the celebration of the 128th birthday of Adolf Hitler organized in 2017. in the woods near Wodzisław Silesia. The material shows, among others, hung on the trees red flags with swastikas and “altar” in honor of Adolf Hitler with his black-and-white and a large wooden effigy of a swastika soaked kindling for the barbecue, which is set on fire after dark. You can also see the participants dressed in uniforms of the Wehrmacht, the construction of toasts “for Adolf Hitler and our homeland, beloved Poland” and treat cake in the colors of the flag of the Third Rzeszy.zobacz: “Threatening and dangerous phenomenon.” Ws appeal the deputy head of the Ministry of Interior. “Pride and Modernity” »In separate proceedings – administrative, relating to the right of stowarzyszaniach – Gliwice prosecutor’s office investigating the possible banning of” Pride and Modernity “. Is collected evidence. Outlawing the association on Monday demanded, among others, PO politicians and Modern.

Varadarajan writes in the introduction of the “cracks” in the European Union. The most significant believes Brexit, but stresses that might be right after the dispute with the Polish EU. Notes that, according Legutko one of the reasons why Poland “brings the EU’s crazy,” is “adamant pro-Americanism of Warsaw.” After Brexicie Poland will – according to the professor – “the most atlantystycznym country in the EU.” This is why Poland wants to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank US forces. Legutko does not believe that soon there was a significant reduction of US military presence in Germany, but – as he said – “you can not exclude this possibility,” if we take into account how quickly President Donald Trump can make decisions. Varadarajan writes that if Trump is a fierce critic of the US elite, it Legutko plays this role, “although in less demotic style” in the European context. Notes that in one of his books Legutko concluded that the European Union reflects the order and the spirit of liberal democracy in its most degenerate version. That’s why – said the author Legutko – the EU is not only individual dissidents, but also państwa.Dominującą dissident attitude of the EU not only to Trump, but also against the Hungarian, Polish, Italian, “and other dissident governments” is – according Legutko – that countries these “accidents, unnatural deviations that could be quickly corrected and will be” .See also Legutko: Favorite hobby MEPs are pointing out mistakes Poland and criticizing her “the author draws attention to the conflict with Brussels on the Supreme Court judges in Poland and notes that Legutko pointed out that more than 80 percent.

Poles wants the legal system was reformed. Legutko statement also cites the fact that among the judges of the Supreme Court are still some who “shamelessly and faithfully served the communist regime in the past,” the EU .Obiekcje result – according Legutko – that it is “liberalism incarnate” – the author notes. The professor said that the elite in Brussels would like Poland to be “indistinguishable from other EU countries”. And “Exotic Poland”, which goes its own political course, is not to przyjęcia.Według Legutko EU elite are unshakeable belief that “you have to be liberal to be worthy of respect, that someone who is not a liberal, is either stupid, or dangerous, or both. ” The author points out that the professor then corrected his statement, saying he meant the elite of the West, including those in the United States. According to Legutko being a liberal it is a “test of political decency.” The professor added that “the liberal paradigm seems to be omnipresent” .What is this paradigm? According to the professor, “a liberal is someone who will come to you and say, you will arrange your life. I’ll tell you what kind of freedom you will have.

And then you can do whatever you want” .Autor emphasizes that the answer Legutko – and Polish as a sovereign entity – is unambiguous: “I do not organize my freedom. Do not try to create a plan, according to which the whole society is to function.” That’s because – according to Professor – Poland is a “dissident member of the EU” and that is the main reason why there is so much under attack. “Not that we did something outrageous,” – says Legutko, adding that the reason is “who do not want to be” .Profesor pointed out that even under the rule of Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban are “EU dissident”. In his opinion, however, Brussels sees Poland as a larger zagrożenie.Autor writes that the conservative government in Warsaw is receiving particularly bad “condescension” of Germany and France, which say, “Why are you doing so much noise? (…) Należeliście had already been to this club. Uzyskaliście benefits of every kind. is that what you have is not enough? “. Legutko answer is” no. ” The professor points out that all these “benefits” – such as the delegation of President Donald Tusk “toothless” European Council – “mask the disproportionate distribution of power in the EU” .According to the professor, “the big players use the European institutions for their own interests, and condemns the political architecture of each other status of the child. ” According to Legutko might prove to be “unbearable” for the Polish, especially after Brexicie.zobacz also Legutko: Challenging the Law on the Supreme Court by the CJEU will have no real impact “The author writes that you would think that would be sympathetic to Legutko Brexitem, and meanwhile he considers it a nightmare. In his opinion, the decision of Great Britain to leave the EU was very bad for Polish and very bad for the Union, because Britain is “a country of common sense” .Varadarajan stresses that Legutko definitely exclude the possibility of exit from the EU Polish. “We will probably last (country), which leaves the EU.

We will turn off the light,” – said the professor. Also he pointed out that Poland is very sensitive to the point of his views Legutko suwerenności.Autor notes on the “homogenization of Western culture” and the dominance of the “liberal ideology” and the professor’s view that – paradoxically – greater diversity and freedom of thought sees now in some of the former communist countries, including Polish. Legutko believes that “the fact that the Catholic Church is strong in Poland, makes a difference, because it gives us mental and spiritual access to the ideas and sensitivities, which evaporated in the secular West.” “We often say, half-jokingly, half-seriously, that now Poland may become a country where people will flee “- people” from France, the Netherlands and Britain “- the author quotes at the end Legutko. We have a war raging on the territory of Ukraine, we have a big problem of economic migrants from the Middle East, some of which clearly hostile refers to the principles of European civilization – Total enumerated Polish leader and Minister of Science and Higher Education Jaroslaw Gowin. “In this situation, the security of Polish requires not only the strengthening of the Polish army (…), both in terms of numbers, the quality of education and strengthen weapons (…). Poland will not be secure if its guard will become only the professional army. She it is the base defense system, but you need to strengthen the system of national defense, territorial defense “- he argued.

MEP Marek Jurek (Right Wing of the Republic) stressed that “post-Soviet Russia seeks to rebuild influence in the Eastern bloc.” “It requires a great national responsibility. It must be said that the war in Ukraine woke up this responsibility, which is manifested by the mass movement of involvement in various types of training, mass movement of defense. This is a great sign of increasing responsibility for national defense” – he stressed. In turn, Mr Kornel Morawiecki (kukiz’15) talked about the need for the formation of the younger generation, so that it is ready to defend the homeland. See also: Gowin praises’ plan Morawiecki “It’s bold economic reforms» Gowin letter subsidizes colleague from the government “At the end of December 2015. at the Defense Ministry appointed plenipotentiary. creating territorial defense of the country. This function is entrusted to Dr. Gregory Kwaśniakowi.

Col. Krzysztof Gaj from the General Staff of the Polish Army in mid-January reported that April should be ready by the concept of territorial defense forces. They will be the fifth kind of armed forces and an equal partner to the professional army.

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