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Full Tilt Planning to Steam to develop Poker Player Base

Full Tilt Poker is coming to Steam, the poker network wagering that casual and social gamers in the community will eventually make the transition to real-money play.

Complete Tilt Poker is arriving at the Steam marketplace, the software approval that is receiving being vetted by the activity gaming circulation platform's community of users. Over 125 million gamers strong, Steam will begin Full that is offering Tilt play-money product sometime before the New Year strikes.

Steam provides over 6,400 streaming games to buy and play that is free its software which can be accessed on computers or standalone hardware.

'Full Tilt is now greenlit and we wanted to express our thanks to the vapor community for all the votes cast to there get us,' the poker system posted in the community forum. 'It's been an excellent procedure and we have been looking forward to bringing you the full Full Tilt Poker.NET expertise in the very near future.'

Social Affair

Full Tilt parent and Amaya CEO David Baazov revealed during a recent conference call with investors that the poker network accounts for just three percent of the overall market. In comparison, its network that is sibling, has a 68 % stronghold, in accordance with Amaya's assessment.

Making use of the enormous social video gaming community could pay dividends for Full Tilt if it's able to attract more old-fashioned video clip gamers.

'The possibility to introduce our game to the