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3 Key Challenges in fighting the Intercourse Trafficking of Minors in the us

Endnotes and citations can be found in the PDF and Scribd versions.

Withelma Ortiz Walker Pettigrew, referred to as T, invested a lot of her very very very early youth into the care that is foster, and also at age 10, a person who was simply almost twice her age targeted her. He started to intimately exploit her and sell her to virtually any buyer that is willing this punishment continued for the following seven years. During this period, T had been over repeatedly arrested and faced with crimes such as for instance solicitation and prostitution and sent to juvenile detention facilities, where she had been addressed as a criminal in place of a target of severe intimate punishment and ended up being further traumatized and humiliated by the agencies built to assist her.

T isn't from Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe; she had been raised and born in the us. And tragically, she actually is not the only one. While individual trafficking is usually looked at as a worldwide issue that happens in far-flung places across the world, intercourse trafficking of kids in america is now increasingly typical.

The issue of sex trafficking of children in the United States is receiving unprecedented levels of attention from leaders at all levels of government, including President Barack Obama, who recognized the presence of sex trafficking here in remarks to the Clinton Global Initiative in September 2012 after many years of advocacy by anti-human-trafficking organizations and service providers